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WATCH: World’s Fastest Bird Dive-Bombs After It Drops Its Lunch

Did you know a peregrine falcon can hit speeds up to 200 mph? That number comes from the Guinness Book of World Records, which gave the animal the title of the world’s fastest bird. Biologists estimate the maximum speed could be even faster—an unbelievable 240 mph. The animal hits its maximum speed while dive-bombing its prey.

While the peregrine falcon in this Instagram video doesn’t hit maximum speed, it’s still amazing to see its high-speed dive.

Wildlife photographer Tohid Azimi captured this video of a mother peregrine falcon intentionally dropping a chipmunk to help her offspring learn how to hunt in the air. Unfortunately, the young bird misses the chipmunk, who’s obviously already having a terrible day. The mother bird quickly turns and dive-bombs after the rodent and catches it.

Azimi says he shot this video and many others while filming peregrine falcons near San Diego, CA, during the falcons’ nesting season.

According to wildlife officials, this bird usually feeds on other birds, such as songbirds, ducks, and pigeons. So, the chipmunk in the video is a rarity but something a falcon could use to teach its young hunting techniques. 

Peregrine falcons were listed as endangered for years due to chemicals used by humans. Organic pollutants such as DDT, an insecticide, cause the animals’ eggs to thin. Since environmentalists raised awareness of the problem, the population of the world’s fastest bird has rebounded. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed peregrine falcons from the endangered species list in 1999.

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