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Watch This Mountain Biker Bomb Down a Massive Set of Stairs in Hong Kong

Mountain bikers are always looking for the next great downline or amazing line to push their riding to new limits. However, one professional mountain biker decided to leave the dirt behind and instead bomb down a set of stairs in Hong Kong.

Tomas Slavik posted the video from a recent trip to the area. In the clip, you see Slavik head down an unbelievable number of stairs to the city below. It’s a beautiful view, but it comes with a nerve-wracking ride, as each foot is another concrete step and a long way down if you fall.

Fortunately, Slavik is a professional rider who has won multiple world championships and is an official mountain biker for Red Bull. So, if anyone can pull this off, it’s him.

For those worried about someone heading up the stairs, there’s no reason to worry. Slavik says the area was closed by a security agency, and this was done by professionals with official approval. 

Riding Down Stairs on a Bike

In short, don’t try this at home. At least nothing this extreme. However, if you’re an experienced cyclist, you may be looking at trying a smaller set of steps. Here’s some tips from other riders on Reddit:

R/trialsin says, “The faster you go down a set of stairs, the smoother they become. You take them slow, and it’s a bumpy ride. Hit them fast, and they are smooth. The same goes for riding up stairs. Hit them at speed, and you will roll right up them.”

R/Texascjr72 focused more on the basics and type of bike, saying, “You don’t need full suspension to ride down stairs. As long as you lean back, you are fine.”

R/uh_no_ shared some additional advice, saying, “Just a PSA: When riding into a road or pedestrian [area], be sure to have a spotter. Too many videos of riders getting clocked by cars they couldn’t see.”

Not ready for anything this extreme? Why not start with these great trails in California?

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