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The Warmest Winter Hats We Could Find

Perhaps the hardest task when dressing well for cold weather
is finding a hat that’s as warm and comfortable as possible. Cold ears and
cheeks can turn the winter into a miserable experience, and can make a trip
into the outdoors an unwelcome proposition.

Thankfully, a warm hat can keep your face and jowls protected, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without the need to worry about a chill breeze. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the warmest winter hats we could find. No matter what your tastes, we’re confident that at least one of these hats will be just what you need to keep your noggin from freezing solid.

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Mysuntown Unisex Winter Trooper Hat

Image by Mysuntown

In addition to the sturdy forehead, this hat also features a face mask that wraps around from your right and snaps into the left ear flap. This is very warm, but it might be too much on a moderately cold day. In that case, the face mask rolls up easily and can be fastened to the right ear flap to keep it out of the way.

In addition, the ear flaps extend all the way around the
bottom of your chin. You can leave them up if you so desire, but it’s nice to
be able to cover your entire face on those truly frigid days.

Topo Designers Heavyweight Watch Cap

Image by Top Designers

This hat is knit from 100% acrylic, so it’s waterproof. If you get caught in the rain, just take it off, throw it in the dryer, and in a few minutes you’ll have an effective, dry cap that’s warm, understated, and reasonably priced for what you’re getting.

Funky Junque Confetti Knit Beanie

Image by Funky Junque

This knit beanie has a quality finish that looks and feels soft and natural, like a warm, fluffy sheep. It’s also available in 19 colors to match any outfit, and it’s also available in variety packs so you’ll have multiple colors to mix and match.

Angela & William Knitted Fur Hat

Image by Angela & William

This hat is available in 23 different colors, so it will
match any outfit imaginable. We mean that literally. If you’re not able to find
a color that works for you, you’re not using your imagination.

Komene Knit Winter Hat

Image by Komene

This hat is constructed from knit acrylic fibers, which means it’s machine washable, but it will also lose its effectiveness if it gets wet. When paired with a parka with a waterproof hood, this hat offers exceptional protection from the elements.

Article updated at 2:00 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 24, 2023

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