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How and where to watch DeSantis vs. Newsom: The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate with Fox News’ Sean Hannity

PROGRAMMING ALERT: Watch the debate between California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel at 9 pm ET.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is hosting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a great state debate tonight at 9 p.m. ET in Alpharetta, Georgia. For years, the Peach State was flooded with red voters, but has emerged as a swing state in recent elections.

The debate on “Hannity” will air for 90 minutes on Fox News Channel and will be simulcast on Fox News Radio. The primetime showdown will cover the policies of Republican and Democratic candidates and feature no audience.


The opposing governors are known to vocalize their distaste for one another.

“To me, this is all business. I understand how this game is played,” DeSantis told Fox News of his ongoing feud with Newsom in late Septemeber. “For him, it may be a little bit different.

“California and Florida just have two very different models, and we’ve seen the results of those models. People have fled California since he’s been governor. That’s never happened before. California used to be the state everyone aspired to go to. A lot of them have moved to Florida, which we never had before when I was growing up.”


Newsom spoke of baiting DeSantis during a September interview with FOX 11 Los Angeles anchor Elex Michaelson.

“Of course. I mean why is he debating a guy who’s not even running for president when he’s running for president?” Newsom wondered. 

“He’s showing up at the Reagan Library, hallowed ground, and he puts out an ad today, not for his presidential campaign, to promote a debate against the governor of California. I mean, this guy’s distracted, so I don’t know that he has it in his heart. I think — here’s my personal opinion about Ron DeSantis — he regrets running for president.”

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