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Fox News Politics: Poison Ivy League

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What’s happening:

– House Republicans try to formalize Biden impeachment inquiries

– Biden meets with Zelenskeyy as Ukraine’s president requests more aid

– Special Counsel Jack Smith to use Trump’s phone in election interference trial

Harvard President Claudine Gay will remain in charge of the storied university despite criticism for her testimony in the House last week, when she said calls for genocide of Jewish people required “context” violate the schools code of conduct, depending on the “context.”

On top of that, a Manhattan Institute Report over the weekend looked at her academic work, which has scholars saying Gay “definitely” plagiarized almost 20 authors in four of her 11 peer-reviewed academic papers, including her doctoral dissertation. In a statement, Harvard referred to the plagiarism allegations as incidents of “inadequate citation.”

House GOP Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., slammed the decision to stand behind Gay, calling it a “complete moral failure” of Harvard’s leadership.

POISON IVY: Billionaire investor and influential Harvard alum Bill Ackman claimed Harvard’s handling of the rising antisemitism on campus has cost the university more than a billion dollars in donations.

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