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Fox News ‘Antisemitism Exposed’ Newsletter: Social media platforms ‘hijacked’ by hate after Oct. 7

Fox News’ “Antisemitism Exposed” newsletter brings you stories on the rising anti-Jewish prejudice across the U.S. and the world.


– Social media companies were unprepared for Hamas ‘hijacking’ their platforms with violent and hateful content, according to one tech expert
– Jewish-owned shop vandalized in pro-Palestinian attack reopens as police investigate potential hate crime
– Hollywood actress calls out progressive feminists’ silence on Hamas rape, torture in Israel

TOP STORY: Antisemitic content on social media jumped 86% in the immediate aftermath of Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre of Jews in Israel, and social media companies weren’t prepared for the outpouring of hate, the co-founder of CyberWell tells Fox News Digital. The horrific social media posts, on TikTok and other platforms, included livestreams of Hamas terrorists kidnapping and executing families, videos of women “being paraded in the streets in Gaza after being violently raped” and live lynchings of Israeli soldiers. “The psychological warfare with social media is still happening today,” Tal-Or Cohen Montemayor added, with Hamas “releasing footage of hostages making statements under duress and then showing their bodies or even torture videos.” The virtual venom is almost certainly contributing to the surge in antisemitism and hate crimes against Jews now being seen in the US, Montemayor said.

VIDEO: “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg defended silence from women’s groups since the Israel-Hamas war began after co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin demanded more groups speak up and condemn Hamas’ brutal sexual violence. “I am still devastated — we’re two months since this war has been underway — by silence from women’s groups in this country about rape being used as an act of war in this attack,” Griffin said. Goldberg chimed in and suggested that the groups have been silent because they don’t want to exacerbate the problem. “Perhaps the reason they’ve been silent is for the same reason that you just described,” she said. “Well, they don’t want to exacerbate it.”

UNDER INVESTIGATION: The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is opening an investigation into Harvard University with regard to alleged antisemitism on campus in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, Fox News has learned. A letter obtained by Fox News Digital dated Tuesday, said the OCR will be opening an investigation into whether Harvard “failed to respond to alleged harassment of students based on their national origin (shared Jewish ancestry and/or Israeli) in a manner consistent with the requirements of Title VI.” The complaint came in response to a first-year Israeli student at Harvard Business School reportedly being shoved and accosted by pro-Palestinian protesters amid a “die in” demonstration in October.

‘BELIEVE THEM’: Actress and “Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik noted an “abhorrent and conspicuous absence” of women’s groups condemning Hamas for violence against women during Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attacks in Israel. “These crimes against women were in many cases documented by the terrorists themselves and broadcast for the world to see,” Bialik wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Those of us who have fought for women’s rights and have sought to shout from the rooftops when women’s bodies are being used in war for the sadistic pleasure of perpetrators are astounded at how the world has been silent surrounding this…Progressive feminists of the world: where are you?

GRAND REOPENING: A Jewish-owned ice cream shop that closed after being vandalized with pro-Palestinian graffiti last month recently reopened, the owner announced. The San Francisco-based ice cream parlor had temporarily closed after it was vandalized on Oct. 25 with “FREE PALESTIEN [sic]” spray-painted on the storefront. “The graffiti suggests that the shop was targeted because I am Jewish, and it is currently being investigated by authorities as a hate crime,” Fisher wrote at the time. She said in a new statement at the reopening, “We cannot wait to serve up joy and love to the community once again.”

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I stopped using TikTok when I felt the AI probing my mind, and it made me uncomfortable, so I stopped using it…And in terms of antisemitic content, I mean, TikTok is rife with that, as it has the most viral antisemitic content by far,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.


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