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High and off-color water doesn’t mean no fishing, you just need to change strategies. A fish must eat, and a bigger PIG must eat more. Just because the water levels are up and the water is discolored, does not mean that the bite is off.

Fish often move closer to shore when the waters rise. There is more food near the shores but also more dangers. This is where the buffet line is, and the currents are easier to swim in. When the waters are low and clear, fish avoid the shores during daylight. Raptors and other predators can easily catch these exposed and vulnerable feeders.

Since visibility is reduced, you need to use flies that are larger and easier to see. This means Flash and Trash. Tie your go to patterns using reflective, colorful, and shinier materials. Sharpen your hooks and hang on. You will be surprised how big the fish will be.

Worms, drowned bugs, mice, minnows, and crayfish will be on the menu. You can fish from shore and use heavier, shorter leaders. You will not see the fish and the fish will not see you.

Fish the slower back eddies and slack water edges. Big fish are lurking and ready for some fast food. They will only have a moment to bite or refuse. Their guard is down, and they generally strike aggressively. Fishing in high, murky waters is kind of like hunting the Rut. The fish are hungry and easier to fool. The only time the fishing for Big Pigs can be better is at night.

Fishing in the murky and high waters will also be less crowded. Most anglers just stay home and wait for the waters to clear and drop. Catching multiple fish from the same hole is common.

The waters may get Tough, but the Big Pigs will get Rough!

Montana Grant

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